Weather stations

As part of the central project 1 of the Research Unit “Climate Change and Health in sub-Saharan Africa”, five novel automatic weather stations have been mounted in the north west of Burkina Faso, in the region of the Boucle du Mouhoun of the province Kossi. In Kenya, two weather stations were setup by team members of the Research Unit in the Kisumu area. These novel weather stations are collecting data that allow detailed insights into the spatial and temporal distribution of weather. The weather stations are a key component of the research of Research Unit with regards to climate change and health in sub-Saharan Africa. Please see central project 1 “Development and analysis of population-health cohorts in Burkina Faso and Kenya” for more details.


Weather station in Nouna HDSS, Burkina Faso - May 2020

Weather station in Siaya HDSS, Kenya - March 2020